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  1. maybelline-master-precise-ink-metallic-step-by-step-1-3x4

    Step 1

    Using Cosmic Purple, draw along upper lash line from inner corner to outer corner

  2. maybelline-master-precise-ink-metallic-step-by-step-2-3x4

    Step 2

    Complete the wing using the same shade

  3. maybelline-master-precise-ink-metallic-step-by-step-3-3x4

    Step 3

    Draw bottom wing along lower lash line from inner corner to outer using Stellar Sand

  4. maybelline-master-precise-ink-metallic-step-by-step-4-3x4

    Step 4

    Finish the wing using that same shade

  5. maybelline-master-precise-ink-metallic-step-by-step-after-2-3x4

    After Master Precise Ink Metallic

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