Makeup blending sponge that delivers even foundation coverage and a smooth finish
This makeup blending sponge is ideal for gliding over large areas and targeting hard-to-reach curves
Must-have tool for flawless makeup application

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This latex-free and re-usable beauty blending sponge has a built-in handle for effortless and mess-free application.

For Best Results

Create the dreamiest finish with Maybelline’s Makeup Blending Sponge:
Step 1. Dab a small amount of foundation onto blender. Alternately, place foundation on the back of the hand and apply to the blender for added precision.
Step 2. Use sides to blend in a circular motion on cheeks and in an outward direction on the forehead, nose and chin.
Step 3. Use the tip for greater precision around corners and curves, such as the nose, under eyes and over eyebrows.
Step 4: To clean, rinse with water and a gentle soap or makeup remover. Let the blender dry thoroughly after use.
Pro tip: For lighter foundation coverage, wet and towel dry the blender before use.

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